Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani got the old Bronx Cheer at Yankee Stadium yesterday when his birthday was announced. See the video; (Photo: Getty)

Rudy Giuliani is back to being the most hated man in New York City. The former mayor, who’s now one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, was loudly booed at Yankee Stadium yesterday when his birthday was announced over the loud speaker.

During his heyday, he was a successful U.S. Attorney who brought down the mob at the Fulton Fish Market and went on to be elected the city’s mayor. But a series of scandals tarnished his administration, killing his plans to run for president.

The Sept. 11, 2001 terror attack on New York City restored his reputation, and he was proclaimed “America’s Mayor.” But these days he probably couldn’t get elected dog catcher.

He’s drawn all manner of heat as the President’s legal attack dog and his erratic behavior has turned him into a late night television punch line.

Giuliani, who turned 74, was in the stands when the incident unfolded.

“The New York Yankees wish a very happy birthday to Mayor Giuliani,” said announcer while reading off a list of birthdays. The crowd responded immediately with loud boos.

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