Emily Weinman

Emily Weinman appeared on Good Morning America this morning to talk about being beaten by jersey police. (Photo: ABC)

Emily Weinman, whose sunny outing at Wildwood beach in New Jersey turned into a viral video of her being beaten by Jersey cops, told her side of the story this morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” She’s not the person she was made out to be, she says.

Weinman became a viral video star after a bystander posted a video of her being thrown to the ground and punched repeatedly during an arrest. Police quickly released body cam video of the incident that town officials claimed exonerated them.

The whole incident began after the cops spotted alcohol on Weinman’s beach blanket. Weinman is 20, the drinking age in New Jersey is 21. It spiraled downward after that. When she refused to give her name, cops threw her to the ground and began beating her. (See Video)

Weinman said her injuries were minor, mostly pain in her back and head where she was punched repeatedly. The episode left her emotionally shaken, she said.

“One situation doesn’t define a person… I’m not this person that they’re out here trying to make me seem like,” she said.

Weinman appeard with her attorney, Stephen Dicht. “They’re the police officers. They’re the ones charged with protecting the public preserving the peace. But they fell apart that day.”

Ditcht said police piled on charges once the video went viral.

“She didn’t go out that day looking for trouble. She went out that day with her daughter looking to have fun,” he said.

Officials said yesterday the officers, identified as Thomas Cannon, John Hillman and Robert Jordan would not face charges. They are employed as part-time officers hired for the summer crowds.

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