Kate Upton models a new swimsuit line, displaying the hotness that wowed Maxim. (Photo: Lipsy Swimwear)

Kate Upton is maximum hot in Maxim’s new Top 100 hot list. The crowning was announced today and Kate called it “a little reward for all of the hard work.”

Well, that’s sweet understatment. Kate is an unparalleled natural beauty and the personification of an American bombshell.

“You know, I work really hard on myself: on feeling good, working out, being strong,” she told the magazine.

We know, we know.

Upton may be one of the most photographed models of her generation.

Kate flew to Israel for the Maxim photoshoot and called it a “bucket-list trip.”

“Israel is such a new country, but obviously with such old, rooted history. I went to Jerusalem and to the Dead Sea and floated around; my mom came with me,” she said.

Last year, Kate married long-term boyfriend Justin Verlander a major league pitcher, and she hails him as her main inspiration.

“I got to marry my best friend. He’s an amazing man. He’s so supportive and focused and motivated, and he inspires me every day. I’m so very lucky that he’s my husband,” she says.

The Maxim Hot 100 will be revealed when the July/August edition is published sale on June 19. In the meantime, check out the photos below and Maxim’s Web site for more information.

Kate Upton Maximum Hotness in Maxim (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
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