Heidi Klum (Photo: Glenn Francis)

Heidi Klum doesn’t need much incentive to hit the beach and shed her clothes. (Photo: Glenn Francis)

Heidi Klum doesn’t need much incentive to shed her bikini top. Just give her a warm sun, cool breeze and tropical isle or a magazine cover. In this case it’s the latter.

Heidi marks Ocean Drive magazine’s 25 anniversary swim issue with a topless pose for the mag’s cover.

But don’t get too excited. The 45-year-old German supermodel keeps her arms strategically placed to prevent even a hint of her boobs from showing. But just the thought is enough to send temperatures soaring.

The cover is right in keeping with her personal philosophy about nudity. She explains:

“I grew up in a very free environment with my parents. We’d go to nude beaches. We’re very open-minded, but you can’t say that about all Germans. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we’d go camping a lot and my parents chose nude campsites, so nudity became normal for me. I loved it.”

“I tend to not wear a whole lot of swimsuit when I am sunbathing,” she says. “So I usually go for a tie-string bikini, something that has less coverage, and if no one is around, I’ll wear only the bottom.”

Well, almost nobody. Heidi has been captured by paparazzi sunbathing topless countless times over the course of her career. But who’s complaining?

While Klum is best known for modeling, she’s also a TV host, and has her own swim and lignerie lines.

“There hasn’t been a huge selection for curvier women in intimates or swim, so I put a large focus on it with my lines going up from a D to G cup size,” Heidi told the magazine. “Women who wear those sizes have been neglected by the industry, so I want to give them options.”

Heidi says it’s important for women to embrace their bodies, no matter what age or size.

“I see it like this: we only have one life. This is our life right now and our moment, and our moment shouldn’t be over after a certain age. There’s not a time frame for only being able to wear a certain thing or to be in love, to go out,” she explains.

“Thirty years old is not the cap and then you have to hide yourself and not go dancing anymore.”

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