Beyonce Warsaw Show

Beyonce gets ready to make her way down a ladder after her stage broke down at a Warsaw concert over the weekend. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Beyonce is burning up Europe on her latest tour with husband Jay-Z, but a stunning stage fail during a show in Poland over the weekend shocked fans. She was stranded on a high platform and had to be helped down with the aid of a ladder.

The incident occurred on her Run II world tour. Beyonce was wearing one of her signature thong leotards with thigh-high boots.

It didn’t make for a pretty picture as she edged her way down the ladder at the Warsaw gig. But she still looked good from that view.

She knows how to move, even on a ladder.

The Formation singer, 36, was left stuck on a high platform with no way down to the main platform when the “floating stage” malfunctioned, according to reports.

Beyonce on ladder

Beyonce makes her way down the ladder bootie first! Whew, what a view! (Photo: ScreenCap)

Her bodyguard and stage hands came to the rescue with a tall aluminium ladder. She descended slowly as the crowd cheered.

The star was cheered by fans as she made her careful descent. A fan captured the incident and posted it on YouTube. The video is quickly going viral.

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