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Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel Trade Lies: One Fib Involves Fried Chicken (watch!)

Donald Trump South Carolina Rally

Donald Trump told a story about Jimmy Kimmel at a rally in South Carolina that the late night host flatly denied. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump is the lyingest president in history. He’s told more than 3,000 whoppers since taking office. But what’s it like being on the other end of a Trump lie? Jimmy Kimmel found out over the holidays and dished up a whopper of his own.

During Trump’s free-for-all rally in front of a baying South Carolina audience, he related an anecdote about a supposed appearance on Kimmel’s show in 2015 that portrayed the host as an obsequious gladhander.

“Jimmy Kimmel, would meet me before the election… I go to his studio to do a shot, you know to do a thing; he would stand outside on the sidewalk waiting for me,” he said.

“‘Oh, here he comes, Donald Trump.’ he opens my door. I said does he do this to everybody, to his people. He does it for nobody,” Trump said they replied.

“Right,” Kimmel agreed. “Including you I do it for nobody, because that never happened.”

“Even the people who like the president know he makes things up, but still it’s weird to hear him tell a lie that’s specifically about you.

“For the record, not only was I not on the sidewalk waiting for him, opening the door to his car, I didn’t even go to his dressing room to say hello before the show. I never do,” Kimmel explained.

So, Kimmel had a whopper of his own to tell about the president.

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