David Cosby Dallas Mug Shot 1982

Musician David Crosby was busted on drugs and weapons charges back in the day. Now he sees gold in his reputation for drug use. (Photo: Dallas Police)

David Crosby found fame during the halcyon days of the counter-culture first as a member of the iconc band The Byrds and later with Crosby, Stills & Nash. Now he’s trying to cash in on his notorious past of drunkenness and drug use.

He’s looking to do a licensing deal with a national or global Cannabis company that would allow the use of his iconic name, image and trademarks to sell pot where it’s legalized, the artist announced.

His drug and alcohol use is almost legendary.

You may recall, Crosby was busted in a Dallas nightclub in 1982 for possession of drugs (cocaine) and a 45-caliber handgun. Then, 40, Crosby served 11 months of a five-year sentence in a Texas state prison.

A month earlier, he’d been arrested in California after wrecking his car high on cocaine.

“David [freebases] pretty much from when he gets up to when he collapses,” a friend told People. “I think you can safely say that David has smoked up everything he owns — all the cars, everything.”

In 2004, he was arrested again for illegally possessing a hunting knife, a handgun and an ounce of marijuana. He was fined $5,000.

He finally blew out his liver and received a transplant in 1994, which was almost sidetracked by controversy over his drug and alcohol use.

In his autobiography, “Long Time Gone,” Crosby revealed the extent of his drug use. “Never once, until I got out of prison, did I ever record, perform, or do anything any way except stoned. I did it all stoned,” he wrote.

As for pot, “I loved it from the very first,” he said.

Now at the ripe old age of 76, Crosby is already mapping out his brand. He wants to call it “Mighty Croz,” because his friends call him “Croz.”

“People have been asking me to do a quality Cannabis brand and with legalization expanding, now is the right time,” he said in a statement. “Our first priority is partnering with a leading Cannabis company.”

Crosby is in business with entrepreneur Steven Sponder, who says if Cosby is known for anything, it’s “quality cannabis.”

Cannabis companies interested in exploring this opportunity should contact Sponder at and Donald Belovich of Stikeman Elliott LLP at

During his career, Cosby has sold more than 35 million albums and has twice been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

H’es released four new albums in the last four years and headlined an international concert tour.

As a lifelong supporter of cannabis legalization, David Crosby epitomizes the cannabis culture,” his pr firm says.