Donald Trump Karen McDougal

Donald Trump’s effort to silence Playboy model Karen McDougal wasa captured on tape. (Photo: Karen cDougal/Instagram)

If Donald Trump thought he was getting the razz from late night hosts before, he hadn’t seen anything yet. Last night, the Michael Cohen tape of their payoff talks for Playboy model Karen McDougal was too much to resist.

In a rare sweep of late-night monologues, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah and even Trump softy Jimmy Fallon took on the tape controversy with a virtual blizzard of jokes.

In the tape, released by Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis, Trump and his lawyer/fixer talked about coming up with hush money to shut up McDougal on the eve of the 2016 election.

You may recall, McDougal claims she had a 10-month affair with Trump in 2006-07 around the time First Lady Melania Trump was giving birth to son Barron. Yep, Trump was also allegedly banging porn star Stormy Daniels at the same time.

Trump can clearly be heard saying he needed to pay the hush money in cash. But Cohen knew the implications of that and cut him off.

As Davis explained. “The only people who use cash are drug dealers and mobsters.” And that means Trump is a…

On Wednesday night, Colbert came up with a spoof video to go along with the dialogue. Kimmel showed off his own video giving the conversation the Hollywood treatment with mobster movie clips.

Fallon uncovered some additional tapes that were even more revealing.

Noah pointed out one cringe-worthy fact. “Just a little side note, it’s just a little weird that we know so much about where the president has put his dick. Can we acknowledge that. That’s not normal,” he said.

Meyers devoted his “Closer Look” segment to the tapes. He noted that prosecutors came away with 12 audio tapes, or the equivalent of an Eagles box set.

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