Anne Hathaway: Nudity in Love & Other Drugs Shocking (watch) 1Anne Hathaway leaves virtually nothing to the imagination in nude scenes in her new movie “Love & Other Drugs,” according to newly released movie stills and a clip from the film. She romps with Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal, 29, and Hathaway, 28, will appear in the nude for about 65 percent of their time on-screen. The movie is about a Viagra salesman who falls in love with a free-sprited woman, who is coping with Parkinson’s disease.

“Someone called the film an emotional comedy the other day, and I definitely think that that applies,” Hathaway told the LA Times.

The couple said in a recent interview that being nude around eachother took some getting used to, but after awhile they got over the awkwardness of the sex scenes.

“As with all things in life, the second you stop making it about you and you make it about everyone else, it just got, dare I say, fun,” said Hathaway.

“There wasn’t anything to be nervous about. It was another scene.”

The biggest problem for the fair-skinned actress was bruising.”The lack of clothing meant that there wasn’t a lot of padding,” she explained.

Hathaway portrays Maggie, an alluring free spirit who won’t let anyone – or anything – tie her down.

But she meets her match in Jamie (Gyllenhaal), whose relentless and nearly infallible charm has been honed in the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales.

Maggie and Jamie’s relationship evolves thanks to a little help from the ultimate drug.

“There’s a lot of nudity, but none of it feels out of place. None of it feels forced. None of it feels gratuitous, which is shocking for the amount of nudity that’s in it,” Hathaway says.

“Love & Other Drugs” hit theaters on Nov 24.