Selena Gomez Tattoo

Selena Gomez shows off matching tattoo with BFF Courtney Barry. (Photo: Instagram)

Selena Gomez and her three best friends showed off matching tattoos on social media. They got the tattoos as a lark, but Selena is playing a dangerous game because she has severe Lupus, which leaves her vulnerable to infection.

Selena Gomez Tattoo Party (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
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Gomez and her friends hit a tattoo parlor and had the number “4” cut into their skin while on a girl’s night out to mark pal Courtney Barry’s 26th birthday.

The 26-year-old singer posted a series of photos on Sunday (Aug. 18) with Courtney, Raquelle Stevens and Ashley Cook.

The photos showed them doing a lot of girl things, like eating pizza and ice cream together. She also revealed her new body art in a photo showing a tattoo on her arm.

“Best friend turned 26. Part 2. #4 because these women have stayed by my side for 7 years (@ashley_cook 12 years) 4, because you are my 4 for the rest of my life,” she wrote on the social media site.

“I love you ladies. You all inspire me to be better, stronger, closer to god and we have lived the most INSANE story together already. Can’t wait for 50 more!! Ps @raquellestevens had an actual panic attack, it’s a dot!” she added.

Selena ended her tribute by posting a picture of her and best friend Courtney, holding up their T-shirts to reveal their matching ink.

“And lastly, my actual #1@courtneyjbarry you are an incredible woman. The way you handle life’s most confusing moments is indescribable and graceful,” she wrote.

“You are moved by the littlest stories to the most heartbreaking ones, you will give someone your perfume if they say you smell nice, you are freaking hilarious and always stand firm in your faith, a loving sister, an amazing friend and a beautiful daughter. You are the definition of FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made baby! #1.”

If they were real friends, however, they would have dissuaded Selena from getting a tattoo. Selena should also know better, as well.

Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs, according to The Mayo Clinic. The disease can be triggered by infections and also weakens the immune system, making sufferers more vulnerable.

The condition varies in severity depending on the individual, but Selena has already acknowledged that her Lupus is often debilitating. She had to undergo a kidney transplant because of the disease.

Gomez revealed in September that she’d received a kidney transplant earlier in the year from her best friend Francia Raísa.

The former Disney child star has also suffered from anxiety and depression. Selena revealed her top priority in 2018 is to focus on her well-being, according to a Harper’s Bazaar interview.

Getting tattoos wasn’t the brightest idea if that’s her goal.