Donald Trump Twitter Account

Donald Trump has been forced to open his Twitter feed to blocked users, following a court ruling. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump, under a court order to stop blocking Twitter users from his @realDonaldTrump account, began the process last night of re-opening the kingdom to critics, court jesters and sundry wits who were mostly banned because they bruised Trump’s ego.

Twitter Accounts Unblocked


How to Tell if You’re Muted
  • Open Tweetdeck and make a “Home” column for the person you suspect has muted you. If you don’t appear in there, then you’re muted — you can do a tweet to be sure.
  • The trick seems to work because the Home column is created to let you see Twitter as a specific person does. That includes not seeing your tweets, if you’ve been muted.
  • If you want to see whether other people have muted you, then you’ll have to go into Tweetdeck and create a new Home column for each person.

Obviously Trump wasn’t at the controls. More likely someone on is staff started unblocking users–much to their glee. A number of celebrities, such as Chrissy Teigen and Stephen King were on the blocked list.

Journalists and a well known healthcare activist were also blocked.

But U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, who ruled in the case, gave Trump an out. He’s still allowed to “mute” users.

Mute surreptitiously allows users to remove someone’s Tweets from their timeline without unfollowing or blocking then. What’s more, muted accounts will not know that you’ve muted them, according to a Twitter reference.

Buchwald’s ruling in May held that Trump’s blocks were unconstitutional. The fact that he used the address the “appointment of officers (including cabinet secretaries), the removal of officers and the conduct of foreign policy,” made the feed is a “public forum.”

The lawsuit filed by the Knight First Amendment Institute and the seven plaintiffs in the case were the first to be unblocked. An additional 41 accounts were unblocked in the latest move.

The Justice Department, however, has announced it plans to appeal the judge’s ruling. Buchwald rejected its assertion that Trump had a First Amendment right to block people.

Trump’s Twitter account has about 54 million useers, but 7.3 million followers were deemed to be fake, according to

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