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Julia Roberts Shills Coffee in European Commercial (watch!)

Although you would never catch Hollywood A-Lister Julia Roberts selling soap or Chevys in a U.S. commercial, the screen siren has no problem appearing in television advertisements in Europe for hefty fees.

Roberts is the latest star to lend her image to sell — coffee.

Hollywood star George Clooney also appeared in a recent advertisement for Nestle’s espresso machine along with John Malkovich.

Roberts reportedly agreed to appear in a 45-second advertisement for Italian coffee house Lavazza – for the hefty fee of 1.2 million euros, or roughly $1.5 million.

And she doesn’t even have any lines!

The actress appears as Botticelli’s Venus while the painter tries in vane to get his model to smile as he paints his masterpiece, “Spring Allegory.”

Finally, after sipping the coffee, Julia breaks into her trademark toothy grin as the men rejoice around her and Botticelli excitedly gets to work to capture her smile.

The brief advertisement ends with Roberts winking at the camera, a subtle, tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of her campy role.

“The Pretty Woman” star filmed the advertisement two weeks ago in Rome.

She may have been lured back to Italy by her desire to see the country again after filming her latest movie “Eat Pray Love” there.

Roberts said she fell in love with the country during shooting there. Clooney also has a house in Italy.

Roberts is also the global ambassador for Lancome.

Check out her role:

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