With the release of the Eclipse DVD and Blu-Ray discs just four days away, new scenes of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been released that have never been seen before, including behind-the-scenes action and  commentary by director David Slade.

In one clip, more than 12 minutes long, Slade provides his insights into the filming of the movie and sets up several deleted scenes.

They include one scene entitled “It’s Not Life or Death” features Kristen as Bella Swan in her bedroom engaging  in girltalk.


Two-Disc Special Edition DVD

– Audio Commentary w/ Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
– Audio Commentary w/ Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey
– Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes
– Six-Part Making of Documentary (90 minutes)
– Photo Gallery
– Jump To… Edward
– Jump To… Jacob
– Music Videos (Metric, Muse)

Special Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

– Audio Commentary w/ Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (both DVD & Blu-Ray sides)
– Audio Commentary w/ Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey (both DVD & Blu-Ray sides)
– Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes (Blu-Ray side only)
– Six-Part Making of Documentary (standard and PIP mode, both on Blu-Ray side only)

Another deleted scene is titled “I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.” It’s a graduation scene and shows Kristen at the ceremony and afterward with her diploma.

In the audience, Dr. Carlisle Cullen and members of the Cullen clan clap politely. It then cuts to Kristen and her on-screen dad, Charlie Swan, having a little father-daughter talk.

A third scene, titled “Just Keep the Window Closed” shows Bella walking up the steps to her house when Edward suddenly appears behind her.

The next scene features Bella and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. Edward, and a confrontation ensues.

The DVD and blu-ray disc, which will be released Dec. 4, contains hilarious commentary by Rob and Kristen, as well as other special features.

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Unlike Edward, who is undead and therefore cold to the touch, Jacob is a hottie, literally. As a werewolf his body temperature is hotter than normal.

Another cool scene called “Someone is Creating an Army,” shows the Cullens learning about the vampire invasion led by Victoria.

Yet another scene titled “What Did I Say about a Low Profile” shows the vampire army wreaking havoc on the town, swarming over an overturned car, while fires burn in the background.

Separately, in two other videos, the Eclipse cast can be seen going through fight scenes and Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Rob as Edward can be seen rehearsing a scene.

Check them out!