John Oliver Deconstructs Brett Kavanaugh Hearing: 'Straight Out of the Gate Weird' 1

John Oliver takes apart the Brett Kanvanaugh hearing on Last Week Tonight. (Photo: ScreenCap)

John Oliver took apart Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing bit-by-bit in his monologue on Sunday’s HBO show, “Last Week Tonight,” and came to a perhaps, not-so-startling conclusion. It was “straight out of the gate weird.”

He described Kvanaugh as a man who had every single advantage in life from his elite, all-male private prep school, complete with its own nine-hole golf course, to his time as student at two other elite institutions, Yale and Yale Law School.

Through it all, at the very least, Kavanaugh was a roaring, and often belligerent, drunk. But he allegedly went further than that, allegedly assaulting and demeaning women with sexual pranks.

“Kavanaugh came straight out of the gate weird in his opening statement – not just denying all her allegations but almost breaking down while attempting to paint a folksy image of his time in high school,” Oliver said.

“[He cried] at the memory of lifting weights at his friend Tobin’s house. I hate to say it, but I’m starting to think men might be too emotional to serve on the Supreme Court.”

The hearing was called to take testimony from Christine Blasey Ford, a college psychology professor, who went to Holton Arms, another tony, all-girls high school.

Ford recounted an incident she vividly remembers of a drunken Kavanaugh and best friend Mark Judge forcing her into a bedroom at a small house party and attempting to rape her.

In the end, the hearing wasn’t so much about Kavanaugh’s aberrant high school and college behavior as it was about his demeanor, temperament and whether he was being honest about what happened. He failed on all three counts.

“While it may seem unbelievably petty to give this much attention to a high schooler’s yearbook, you have to remember that, to some extent, many were watching this hearing to try to ascertain who was more trustworthy,” Oliver said.

“Was it the terrified psychology professor who blew up her entire life to relive her trauma on a national stage, or was it Judge Animal House, who seemed to be sweatily making up drinking games in front of members of the Senate?” he added.

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