Susan Collins and other Senate Republicans showboat over Brett Kavanaugh in SNL’s Cold Open. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Sen. Susan Collins brags that she can party with the GOP big dogs after Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, but hey, she really didn’t want it to really be all about her, really. See it all go down in “Saturday Night Live’s” cold open.

Collins, played by Cecily Strong, was one of the Senate swing votes who could have made history by denying Kavanaugh a seat on the court. Instead, she went for the short money and probably sealed her fate when, or is that if, she seeks re-election to her Maine seat in 2020.

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Opponents have already raised more than $2 million for her potential Democratic challenger, even though no one has stepped forward yet.

The skit was a take-off of a sports locker room celebration after a big game. CNN’s Dana Bash, played by SNL’s Heidi Gardner interviewed the white-men-can’t-jump Senators, including Lindsay Graham (Kate McKinnon) and a bloated Mitch McConnell.

“It helped a lot that Democrat Joe Manchin scored in his own goal. That was dope,” said Graham. “And, ah, welp, we couldn’t have done it without Susan Collins,” Graham crowed.

“Oh, please, the last thing I wanted was to make this about me. That’s why I told everyone to tune in at 3 pm. So I could tell all my female supports, Syke!.”

“Listen, I think it’s important to believe women until it’s time to stop. I also believe I’m a guy’s gal. I can party with the big dogs,” she said.

Watch the GOP get down with a Miller Lite in honor of beer… and, oh ya, Brett.