Johnny Depp Gives Lowdown on Angelina Jolie, Jack Sparrow 1Johnny Depp provides some rare insights into meeting and working with Angelina Jolie, and some of the behind-the-scenes machinations that went into the highly successful Pirates of the Caribbean series.

“Meeting her and getting to know her was a real pleasant surprise,” Depp tells rock legend Patti Smith, who interviewed the actor for Vanity Fair magazine.

Depp co-stars with Jolie in “The Tourist.”

“You don’t know what she might be like—if she has any sense of humor at all. I was so pleased to find that she is incredibly normal, and has a wonderfully kind of dark, perverse sense of humor,” he said.

While Depp is a master at maintaining his privacy, including owning a private island, he sympathized with his co-star for the harassment she faces from the paparazzi.

“Poor thing, dogged by paparazzi, her and her husband, Brad…all their kids,”

“There are times when you see how ridiculous is this life, how ludicrous it is, you know, leaving your house every morning and being followed by paparazzi.”

Depp and Jolie were especially concerned about triggering rumors of any kind of relationship between them and even went out of their way to avoid talking to each other in public for fear it would spark speculation.

Even Depp’s long-time partner Vanessa Paradis was fearful of Jolie’s reputation as a maneater.

“I’ve had the honor and the pleasure and gift of having known Elizabeth Taylor for a number of years,” he says.

“You know, you sit down with her, she slings hash, she sits there and cusses like a sailor, and she’s hilarious. Angie’s got the same kind of thing, you know, the same approach.”

With another installment of Pirates of the Caribbean on the way, Depp reveals for the first time who nervous Disney executives were about his iconic character Captain Jack Sparrow.

“They couldn’t stand him. They just couldn’t stand him,” Depp says. “I think it was Michael Eisner, the head of Disney at the time, who was quoted as saying, ‘He’s ruining the movie.’

“Upper-echelon Disney-ites, going, What’s wrong with him? Is he, you know, like some kind of weird simpleton? Is he drunk? By the way, is he gay?…

“And so I actually told this woman who was the Disney-ite… ‘But didn’t you know that all my characters are gay?’ Which really made her nervous.”

“There is a little Bugs Bunny in all of us,” he says.

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