Alex Jones

Alex Jones has been accused by former employees of racism, Antisemitism and sexual exploitation. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy monger who’s responsible for some of the most far-fetched fake news stories, has been secretly operating through as many as 18 “backdoor” accounts on Twitter following his ban from the social media service.

Twitter confirmed a CNN report today (Oct. 23) that it had permanently suspended 18 accounts, partly because of their attempts to help Jones and his Web site, Infowars, spread his malicious reports.

Twitter permanently suspended @realalexjones and @infowars from Twitter and Periscope in early September following thousands of complaints. The site found that Jones tweets and videos violated its policy against abusive behavior.

Jones has also been restricted or banned from PayPal, YouTube, Apple and Spotify, according to reports. Infowars claimed the moves are intended to “sabotage” the site before the midterm elections.

He had about 900,000 followers on Twitter. Infowars had about 430,000, according to Twitter.

Jones was finally called out for his false and inflammatory broadcasts. In his most vile act, he repeatedly claimed the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting in Connecticut was staged by “crisis actors,” inflicting untold emotional damage on parents of victims and survivors.

Jones repeated the same baseless claims on YouTube, which led to his ban.

Six families of victims killed in the shooting and an FBI agent who responded to the scene filed a defamation lawsuit against him in May.

Jones’s ban has led some of his supporters to evoke the First Amendment and cry censorship, claiming he is merely offering his “opinion.” Jones has tried to deny responsibility for his actions by claiming he’s an “entertainer” not a journalist.