Randy Rainbow

Randy Rainbow snares exclusive interview with Donald Trump. Watch! (Photo: ScreenCap)

Whether you hate Donald Trump, or you love to hate Donald Trump, Randy Rainbow has the last word on the 2018 midterm election. VOTE! Really… he really means it. Oh, he shades Donald Trump, too

Rainbow, 37, a comedian and singer, is best known for his YouTube parodies and spoof interviews with famous celebrities, usually with a song and biting satire. Needless to say, politicians are one of his favorite targets.

Rainbow (yes his real name) scored a big breakout during the 2016 election, with a series of spoof interviews and musical parodies, most notably Trump, who has become has all-time punching bag.

How could he miss! Trump has been an unending source of fodder for comedians of all stripes. Randy brings his own special talents to bear with songs and hilarious spoof interviews.

He typically takes real comments and splices them together with his own questions and reactions.

With much riding on the midterm election, Randy scored an exclusive interview with none other than the president himself.

So if you hate the president or love hating him, check out the video below. And go VOTE! Election day is Tuesday (Nov. 6).

As Randy says, “vote blue, or if you must… vote blue.”