Brie Larson as Capt Marvel, aka Carol Danvers

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, aka Capt Marvel, in the new trailer for the upcoming movie. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Brie Larson is electrifying (literally) in the new Capt. Marvel trailer. The souped up superhero shows off her powers and goes a round with Talos, the Skrull leader, played by Ben Mendelsohn.

Samuel Jackson is also featured in the film’s second trailer, as Nick Fury, not as the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., but a mere bureaucrat, whose encounter with Capt. Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, sets him on course to become the future leader.

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The movie, incidentally, is a prequel, even though it’s the 21st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of superhero movies based on comic book characters.

Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, the distributor, are betting heavily that Larson can carry the picture, with largely male film fans, even though she’s a woman.

Don’t see a problem there, if you like strong, powerful and stunningly beautiful women. But it’s safe to say Larson is more than just eye candy.

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The trailer provides some of Capt. Marvel’s backstory. Danvers is an ex-U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, who is rescued by the Kree, an advanced (and friendly) alien society. Through an accident, her DNA is fused with Kree genetic matter and she becomes a superhero.

The Kree send her back to earth as part of Starforce, an elite military team that’s in the middle of an intergalactic war against Talos.

Wouldn’t you know it, her flawed human half is the source of constant problems for her. Silly humans.

Larson also called Danvers aggressive, quick tempered, and invasive, attributes that help her in a fight but prove to be character flaws, according to Variety.

Just like a woman. You don’t want her screaming at you to take out the trash.

Check out the trailer below. The film hits theaters, March 8.

Editor’s Note: Don’t wait to see the film on Netflix. Disney no longer has a deal with the streaming service. It has it’s own streaming service now, Disney +.