Leonardo DiCaprio Snared in Billion $$ Fraud, Hands Over $600k Oscar 1

Leonardo DiCaprio in a scene from Wolf of Wall Street, a 2013 film financed by fugitive Low Taek Jho. Photo: Paramount)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho has come back to bite him in the ass. Jho has been accused of a mult-billion dollar investment fraud scheme and DiCaprio’s name has surfaced in legal proceedings.

It seems Jho financed the 2013 diCario-starring movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” As part of their budding friendship, Jho gave Marlon Brando’s 1954 Oscar for “On The Waterfront,” to the actor as a gift. He bought the statue in an auction for $600,000.

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Now, DiCaprio has been ordered to hand over the Oscar as well as another Jho gift, an expensive painting by famed artist Pablo Picasso, according to The New York Times.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences retains the right to by any Oscar on the open market for just $1. It’s likely to exercise that right in this case.

The Brando Oscar is currently resting in a federal warehouse in Texas.

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DiCaprio hasn’t acted in a movie since his 2015 turn in “The Revenant,” for which he won his own Oscar, his first after multiple nominations. He’ll star next year in Quentin Tarantino’s film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” which examines the Manson Family murders.

The actor’s film sabbatical hasn’t kept him out of the tabloids. The 44-year-old actor is reported to be “very serious” about his relationship with model Camila Morrone.

“He is very serious with Cami and has been for a while now, but marriage is not something that is on the horizon,” said a source close to the actor. When have we heard that before?

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The sentiment is understandable since the actor is more than twice the 21-year-old model and actress’s age. That’s old enough to be her father.

Meanwhile, Jho lived a billionaire’s lifestyle at the height of his fraud scheme.

Prosecutors say he stole billions of dollars from a Malaysian government investment fund, then went on a colossal spending spree. It is one of the largest international kleptocracy cases the United States has ever pursued, according to the times.

The government is in the process of confiscating his possessions to recoup some of the stolen money.

His portfolio includes real estate in New York, California and London, including a $31 million condominium in the Time Warner Center in Manhattan.

He also owns a condo in the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills hotel and a $17.5 million mansion in Beverly Hills that came with a gold-tipped pyramid floating in a reflecting pool. Oh, then, there’s also the $250 million mega-yacht.

Low, 37, is a fugitive believed to be hiding in China.

In addition to handing over the Oscar, DiCaprio has forfeited Picasso’s “Nature Morte au Crâne de Taureau” (Still Life With Bull’s Head) and a collage called “Redman One” by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Both are in storage in Switzerland, according to The Times.

Another gift, an estimated $1 million crystal piano is currently resting in supermodel model Miranda Kerr’s apartment. Kerr has already handed over jewelry gifted to her, including an 11.71-carat heart-shaped diamond and a pair of 11-carat diamond earrings.