Emily Ratajkowski Inamorata Swim

Emily Ratajkowski takes a stand that sexuality and feminism aren’t mutually exclusive. (Photo: Inamorata Swim)

Emily Ratajkowski Swims for Inamorata (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
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Emily Ratajkowski, who is the definition of sexuality and free expression, says a woman’s style choices should be driven by what makes her feel good about herself, not some artificial construct that suppresses sexuality.

In fact, it was the essence of the ’60s counterculture, which gave birth to feminism, that sexual freedom was a woman’s right as much as a man’s. Remember “Burn the Bra” protests?

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Ratajkowski, 27, doesn’t believe dressing sexily and embracing her body makes her less of a feminist. Nonetheless, critics have frequently accused her of “capitalizing on her sexiness.”

But she doesn’t buy it.

“The only argument that I think is sort of interesting is the conversation that somehow I’m playing into a patriarchal society by looking the way I look and capitalizing on my sexiness, she tells Vogue Australia in a new interview.

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“But I don’t really care if me wearing a crop top is somehow playing into some patriarchy, because it makes me feel good about myself, and I shouldn’t be limited on that.

“Making rules as to what a feminist should look like or wear is insane to me.”

Most recently, Ratajkowski caused a social media uproar when she showed up at a Brett Kavanaugh protest wearing a crop top without a bra.

Emily insists women need to support one another and it is time to stop dismissing women who make their living from their looks and what they have to say.

“No one should be shaming anyone, and women especially should not be shaming other women,” she said.

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She elaborated:

“I think there’s a whole other level of women who are sexy and are promoting their sexiness or are comfortable with their sexiness; they especially don’t want to hear it from them. I think in general people don’t really want to hear women talk about these kinds of things, and especially women who make money on how they look: they especially resent them using their voice.”

Emily has used her fame to promote feminism and has always maintained that female sexual empowerment and ownership over one’s body are key parts of feminist ideas, to the derision of many commentators.

“People were not happy about me wanting to take the conversations there,” said The ‘Gone Girl’ star, who is married to actor-and-producer Sebastian Bear-McClard

Their marriage came as a shock to Ratajkowski’s 16.6 million social media followers, according to London’s DailyMail. the two were only dating for a few weeks prior to the wedding.

They became a couple a few weeks before the wedding but she’s reportedly known him “for years,” friends say.

Emily had split from boyfriend of three years Jeff Magid in January, and was first spotted with Sebastian in mid-February.

Emily Ratajkowski is best known as a lingerie and swimsuit model. Her social media accounts are filled with lingerie and bikini selfies. She broke out in 2013 when she appeared dancing topless in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video.

She’s been nurturing a budding acting career and scored a breakout role in the movie “Gone Girl.” She has four films out this year, “I Feel Pretty,” “In Darkness”
“Cruise,” and “Welcome Home.” the latter three went direct to video and pay TV.

Her latest fashion campaign was for Inamorata Swim. Check out her photos.