Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shared some of their most intimate moments on screen as Bella and Edward in “Eclipse” and  “Breaking Dawn,” as the vampire courts and ultimately marries his human lover.

While their off-screen relationship is still a matter of conjecture, there’s no question their on-screen romance is hot and heavy.

The romancing began in “Eclipse” as the characters embraced and kissed for the first time and shared a number of intimate moments. (See Photos)

Since then fans have gotten fleeting glimpses of their intimate scenes in “Break Dawn,” which have been filmed in Brazil.

Rob and Kristen shot the scenes in Paraty on the Costa Verde River.

The sprawling mansion in Paraty where some of the scenes were filmed has six bedrooms, expansive decks and balconies with panoramic views of the ocean and with more than 300 yards of private beachfront.

It was only only accessable by boat or helicopter, but a surprising amount of video and photos have been made available.

Pattinson and Stewart were filmed kissing and embracing on the beach.

Both are spotted wearing wedding bands in their honeymoon scenes.

The photos are from the new Eclipse DVD. Check them out.