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    Beyonce and Jay-Z are just shy of No. 1 after the release of their new album. (Photo: ScreenCap_

    Beyonce and husband Jay-Z, the reigning king and queen of rap and soul, may gathering a little tarnish on their crown. Their new album Everything Is Love, fell short of No. 1 on the charts its first week out. The top spot went to 5 Seconds of Summer.

    The album, released last Saturday, sold about 70,000 copies, according to media reports. 5 Seconds of Summer’s new album YoungBlood grabbed the No. 1 spot with 90,000 sales after streeting two days earlier.

    But the difference may reflect buying habits more than anything else. Everything scored about 120,000 units counting streams, edging out YoungBlood with 118,000 units total.

    The difference should be enough to boost Beyonce and Jay-Z to No. 1 on the Billboard albums chart, because it counts streams in the mix when it figures rankings.

    5 Seconds of Summer

    5 Seconds of Summer held off the king and queen of soul and rap for top spot on the U.S. album charts. (Photo: Instagram)

    Chart position is mostly a matter of bragging rights, but when you set the gold standard like Beyonce and Jay-Z, anything less could be acutely embarrassing.

    Christina Aguilera is also on the market this week with her latest album Liberation. A comeback of sorts for the golden-throated songstress, which last released an album, Lotus, six years ago.

    Fortunately, her gig on ABC’s “The Voice,” a music talent reality show, has kept her in the spotlight. She also debuted a dramatic new look that features her raw beauty, unfettered by her trademark glam makeup.

    Her album tracked around 73,000 sales, placing it fourth on album charts. Lotus peaked at No. 7. She’s had two No. 1 albums, her self-named debut and 2006’s Back to Basics.

    If its any consolation, Beyonce’s solo albums have all hit No 1 on US album charts.

    At 48, Jay-Z is Jurassic as far as rappers go, but he’s still got game.

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