Eddie Gallagher's war crimes conviction was overturned by Donald Trump. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Gallagher)

Eddie Gallagher’s war crimes conviction was overturned by Donald Trump. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Gallagher)

Eddie Gallagher, the Navy Seal whom President Trump pardoned of war crimes, has a long history of “unhinged” conduct in Iraq and Afghanistan, leading up to charges he murdered a prisoner-of-war, then posed with the corpse.

During eight overseas deployments, Gallagher was involved in a sting of incidents that marred decorations for valor, including two Bronze Stars, and positive evaluations from superiors, according to his military records.

Gallagher enlisted in 1999 and was trained as a medic, a sniper, and as an explosives expert. He was attached to a U.S. Marine Corps unit until he enrolled in Basic Underwater Demolition Schools to become a Navy SEAL in 2005.

Gallagher goes by the nickname “Blade” with his fellow frogmen because of his obsession with knives.

Given his background, he was considered a poster boy for the Navy Seals and was able to skate through a number of controversies and investigations with few formal reprimands.

In 2010, in the first of several incidents, he was investigated for allegedly shooting a young girl in Afghanistan, but was cleared of wrongdoing.

Four years later, he was in trouble again for allegedly trying to run over a Navy police officer with his car because he was irritated at being detained at a traffic stop.

As a result of his run-ins, Gallagher gained a reputation as someone who frequently flouted rules.

This story: “Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher Had History of ‘Unhinged’ Acts in War” first appeared in Money & Power. To read the rest of the story, click here.

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