Sarah Palin Under Fire For Bloody Animal 'Snuff Videos' (watch) 1Sarah Palin’s reality television show has fallen so low in the ratings the former vice presidential candidate is being accused of slaughtering animals just to draw more viewers with “snuff videos.”

So claims People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the nation’s leading animal rights advocacy group.

It says the former Republican vice presidential candidate has been filmed clubbing halibut and gunning down caribou, hoping the blood, guts and violence draws prurient viewers.

The scenes are so graphic that TLC ran a disclaimer warning that “the material may be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.”
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The show clocked five million viewers when it debuted, making it the highest rated premiere in TLC history. But since then, ratings have plummeted.

Only 3 million viewers tuned in to watch Palin and daughter Bristol club halibut to death on a fishing expedition.

Another animal group, In Defense of Animals, called the halibut episode a “snuff video.”

But that was nothing compared to the evisceration of the caribou on the following episode. Palin shoots the animal then takes a turn wielding a knife to gut the carcass.

The show drew 3.5 million viewers.

“Sarah seems to think that resorting to violence and blood and guts may lure people into watching her boring show, but the ratings remain as dead as the poor animals she shoots,” PETA’s Vice President Dan Mathews said in a statement.

But Palin is reveling in the controversy. “Tomorrow-‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ we slay salmon. A bunch of ’em. (Watch the Left’s reaction to that, if harvesting halibut freaked them out!),” she tweeted on Nov. 27.

Palin’s most recent tweet, on Friday, appeared to bait PETA into responding to her expedition with her father.

“PETA: yes, that is responsible hunting you see in ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ video tease for Sunday night. Remember – we eat, therefore we hunt,” she tweeted ahead of the episode’s air date.

“Tonight’s hunting episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska “controversial”?” she added on her Facebook page.

“Really? Unless you’ve never worn leather shoes, sat upon a leather couch or eaten a piece of meat, save your condemnation of tonight’s episode. I remain proudly intolerant of anti-hunting hypocrisy. :)”