Katy Perry’s shapely bosom is more than welcome in the cartoon world of “The Simpsons,” even though her breasts were declared persona non gratia on “Sesame Street.”

Perry, 26, appeared in Sunday’s episode of the long-running Fox cartoon show, lampooning “Sesame Street’s” decision not to air a scene featuring the buxom singer because her heart-shaped dress was deemed “too revealing.”

But in a guest spot on the Christmas episode of “The Simpsons,” she poked fun at the children’s show for banning her duet with Elmo.

Perry appeared in the final scene of the Sunday episode in Maggie’s live-action dream sequence involving her “A Fluppet Christmas Special” book.

The characters appeared as Sesame Street-like puppets, and Perry appeared in the flesh.

She wore a tight red latex dress with the Simpsons family faces all over it.

“What are you people doing in my boyfriend Moe’s bachelor pad?” she asked.

“That’s right, she’s into puppet,” Moe said.

Among other things, Perry shoves Mr. Burns’ face into her ample cleavage and gives him a kiss.

But in an even more risqué move Moe buried his face in Perry’s naval.

“That’s not my belly button!” Perry chirped. “But I didn’t stay stop!”

Check out the hilarious clip below: