Kate Gosselin, Sans Kids, Hits Luxury New York Hair Salon 2

Kate Gosselin during her 22-hour makeover in January.

Kate Gosselin seems to have no trouble spending the money her eight children earn. She blew into New York City yesterday (Dec. 8) with her strapping bodyguard in tow for an appointment with celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson.

The haircut, color job and other services likely cost more than $1,000.

Gosselin, who has lavished herself with expensive spa and hair treatments since her divorce from Jon Gosselin, was spotted leaving the tony Ted Gibson Salon with a new haircut last night.

The five-hour pampering included coloring and a pricey La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment to smooth and straighten her hair. The process costs between $450 and $950.

Gibson famously worked on Gosselin for a reported 22-hours to completely change her look for a celebrity magazine photo shoot in January.

He did away with the short asymmetrical cut that had been her trademark and added extensions to lengthen her hair to just below her shoulders.
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She looked absolutely horrid, and later had the length and style changed.

Over the summer, it was reported that Kate had spent a whopping $21,000 on her hair, a figure some reports estimate has probably doubled since then.

Of course, Uncle Sam picks up a good bit of the bill, because Kate is likely deducting the cost as a business expense related to her reality show “Kate Plus 8.”

Gosselin reportedly earned $3.5 million last year for her reality television endeavors, according to estimates by The Daily Beast.

At least some of that money is supposed to be put aside for her kids.

But Kate doesn’t indulge her children at quite the same level. She caused a stir when she hauled them off to the budget Supercuts near her home for haircuts.

That hasn’t particularly kept the kids grounded, however. Two of her children were expelled from school because of rage issues related to their television work.

But Kate blamed their disruptiveness on her divorce from husband Jon Gosselin, and tried to deny they were expelled. The kids are currently being home-schooled.

The kids were nowhere to be seen on her latest trip. Instead Kate was only accompanied by bodyguard Steve Neild.