Vice President Mike Pence

As head of the president’s taskforce on the pandemic, Pence had an opportunity to provide real leadership.

Instead, he has been an echo-chamber beyond all reason for all of Trump’s most outlandish statements, misrepresentations and lies about the pandemic.

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On a day when the nation had just hit a single-day record for new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations and states were rolling back ill-advised openings, Pence was caught up in Trump’s alternate reality.

He had the audacity to tell the nation that things were going well.

“Leaving out critical information,” CNN reported, Pence delivered a more polished version of the upbeat, all-is-well dishonesty that is a hallmark of President Donald Trump’s fierce propaganda campaign to save his re-election at all costs.

“Despite what you heard, we are in the middle of a public health disaster,” said CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta on air after the briefing.

Time has borne out those claims. Today, the nation is on its way to 500,000 deaths.

Pence also claimed “all 50 states” are “opening up safely and responsibly,” despite rising infections in about 30 states which have not reached serious proportions.

In fact, several states had paused or reversed course in the face of surging cases to new highs in mostly Republican states, according to The New York Times.

As one report put it: “Describing 750 Americans dying each and every day as good news is simply monstrous.”

What’s more monstrous is that number is now up to 4,000 deaths per day.

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