Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow

“The president is right,” Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow confidently proclaimed on Fox News in February.

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“The cure can’t be worse than the disease, and we’re going to have to make some difficult trade-offs” to reopen the economy.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Kudlow insisted in late February that the nation had “contained” the virus “pretty close to airtight,” before being forced in May to walk-back his statement with another false statement.

The virus “spread exponentially in ways that virtually no one could have predicted,” he claimed.

Of course, the dangers of a pandemic were well-known, and scientists as well as the Bush and Obama administrations had been warning about the threat of a rogue virus for nearly two decades.

In another misleading statement, Kudlow claimed in June the coronavirus pandemic was like a hurricane– devastating but finite that wouldn’t leave a lasting economic mark.

When Trump began to push to reopen the economy, Kudlow fell into line arguing the government needed to stop providing a $600-a-week boost in unemployment benefits to force people back to work.

He trumpeted the fiction that people would refuse to go back to work as long as they were capable of living off of unemployment insurance. 

Kudlow, in June, also dismissed reports of a surge in cases even as 29 states reported an increase in the seven-day average of new confirmed cases in such Republican-led states as Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina.

“There is no second wave coming,” he told CNBC. “I really think it’s a pretty good situation.”

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