Tiger Woods Ex-Elin Nordegren Wants More Children, Beau 1Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren appears to be taking command of her life in more ways than one. She reportedly has been spotted with a new boyfriend and is talking about having more children.

The revelations, reported overseas in London’s Sun newspaper, apparently have not gone over well with Woods, who just wrapped up the golfing seasons with one of his best finishes in a year.

“He was blindsided when Elin dropped the bombshell that she expects to marry again and start a new life with more children – telling Tiger, ‘but it won’t be with YOU!'” a source told The National Enquirer, which also reported details of the relationship.
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The Swedish beauty is reportedly taking the kids back to her Sweden for Christmas, and will spend the holiday there without Woods.

Before leaving for Europe, Elin was reportedly been spotted with a 35-year-old South African man, whom she met at college in Florida where both are studying.

“There’s been kissing and cuddling but I don’t know if it’s gone further,” a source told The Sun.

“Elin said, ‘Everyone wants to feel needed. I need someone in my life that I can trust, and that day will come.’ She’d love four children altogether,” a friend of the blonde told the newspaper.

As for Tiger, if he is seeing anybody, he’s keeping it on the down low. He’s had plenty of experiences keeping dalliances secret.

He allegedly bedded more than a dozen women during his marriage to Nordegren. His secret sex life was only uncovered after Elin discovered text messages from one of his alleged lovers, Rachel Uchitel, on his cell phone.

The Swedish ex-model was “shocked” when the “hunky student” kissed her while walking back to her car in the school parking lot, according to the Enquirer.

“Elin is already looking ahead to beginning a new expanded family,” a source told the National Enquirer.

The couple officially divorced in August, nine months after Tiger’s Thanksgiving day car accident that exposed the golfer’s indiscretions.

Elin reportedly received $110 million and joint custody of couple’s two children in the divorce settlement.