Rihanna, Christina Aguilera Offend Thousands in Britain (watch!) 1Christiana Aguilera and Rihanna have ignited a huge backlash across Great Britain after the “overt sexuality” of their performances shocked viewers of the widely watch music show X-Factor .

Critics are demanding an inquiry into why “disgusting” routines were shown before what’s known as “the watershed,” a term that denotes family programming hours on British television.

The performances Aguilera and Rihanna could have broken the country’s broadcasting standards which seeks to protect children from sexualized television content before 9 pm, according to London’s Daily Mail.

“Horrified parents – who watched the show, one of Britain’s most popular, with their children accused the ITV network of breaking ‘the bond of trust’ with viewers by failing to tone down the performances,” the newspaper reported.

The network had received 1,000 complaints about the routines and the government agency that regulates television contact also received more than 1,000 cmplaints.

The government is mulling whether to launch a full-scale investigation into whether the raunchy material was “editorially justified” for the time it aired.

The Broadcasting Code limits programming before 9 pm and after 5:30 am.

Both Rihanna and Aguilera included simulated sexual moves, and “porn imagery” in their acts.

The provocative costumes stunned many who had expecting a more sober final weekend on the show.

About 21 million viewers, almost one-third of England’s population, tuned in for the show, which was the semi-final.