Miley Cyrus Parties On; 'Bong Villain' Anna Oliver Hides 1

Miley Cyrus with Anna Oliver

Miley Cyrus took her party to New Orleans where she hit the clubs with new BFF, Kelly Osbourne, only days after a video surfaced of her smoking the hallucinogenic (but legal) drug salvia. Meanwhile, Anna Oliver, the woman who allegedly shot the video, is in hiding.

“It was a good, old-fashioned girl’s night,” a source tells People magazine.

Miley, Kelly, pal Alexis Knapp and two other women were spotted at a New Orleans club called “Republic.”
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Conspicuously absent was another party girl, Anna Oliver, who allegedly videoed Miley smoking a bong and getting blasted into incoherence at a house party, a few days after Miley’s 18th birthday..

It’s still unclear how the video made its way to news outlets. Some claim it was stolen and passed around among a circle of friends and acquaintances.

Nonetheless, some Web site have described her as the “bong villain” for videotaping the action.

Details about Oliver are scarce, although she appears Zelig-like in numerous photos with Disney stars.

During Miley’s escapade, a female voice can be heard at the start of the recording saying, “I’m going to document the hell out of this.”

Oliver has dropped out of sight and deleted her facebook and twitter accounts, according to gossip sites.

In one of her last tweets, Nov. 22, Oliver wrote: “Countdown to Mimi’s bdayyyyy wooooo!!!! 2hrs 20minsss!”

Some of Cyrus’s more ardent fans, who would rather blame the messenger, have made death threats against Oliver and bombarded her with other hate-filled messages.

Oliver is apparently well known among the small circle of Disney queens. She reportedly is also best friends with troubled teen star Demi Lovato.

Lovato is in treatment for physical and emotional issues following her physical assault on one of her tour dancers.

Meanwhile, Miley and Osbourne, her “So Undercover” co-star stayed at Republic until 1:30 a.m. Saturday “just dancing and hanging out.

Miley, who can’t drink legally, was reportedly pounding Red Bulls.

“[Miley] went nuts dancing,” to Lady Gaga, the source says.

“[the group] was really nice and great to the staff. They kept saying how they want to come back. They were really polite … and saying they had such a wonderful time.”

Miley broke no laws, since Salvia, an herb is legal in California. But once again, her behavior as a role model was slammed.

Even her father Billy Ray Cyrus expressed his regret over Miley’s behavior. “So sad,” he tweeted.