Melissa Gilbert Calls Out Miley Cyrus for Bong-Ripping Party 1Former child star Melissa Gilbert, who has had he own troubles with early fame, drugs and alcohol, is calling out Miley Cyrus for her bong-ripping partying, which ended up on a video that went viral on the Internet.

Gilbert, 46, best known as Laura Ingalls-Wilder on 1970s television series “Little House on the Prairie,” asserts that Miley wanted to be videoed hitting a bong, but was likely illegally smoking marijuana, not the herb, salvia, which is legal.

Gilbert told AOL News that Miley’s “loopy” behavior suggests that the substance was pot, not the mildly hallucinogenic herb.

“That’s bullsh-t!” Gilbert said of the salvia claims. “I think it was marijuana.”

Gilbert, a spokesperson for the anti-drug group, Partnership at, also said Miley clearly knew she was being videoed, allegedly by close friend Anna Oliver.
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A woman’s voice can be heard in the background during the escapade. “I’m going to document the hell out of this,” the woman said.

Miley has been trying to craft a more adult, “rock in roll” image, ever since she wound down her long running Disney series “Hannah Montana.”

As always, there always seems to be a hint of calculation involved when provocative photos or videos go viral on the Internet that raises the profile of a celebrity or reinforces an image that fits with the celebrity’s marketing plans.

But Gilbert questions how much Miley is in control over her behavior.

Allowing friend to video her while she took hits bong, was nothing short of irresponsible on the 18-year-old’s part, Gilbert said.

“How high do you have to be to let a friend film you?” Gilbert said. “I think she wanted to get caught.”

Gilbert plunge into vicarious teen sex, drug use and alcoholism were chronicled in her 2009 autobiography, “Prairie Tale: A Memoir.”

The former actress says the game has changed tremendously since her days in the spotlight.

Young celebrities become extremely wealthy very quickly, often without the emotional maturity to deal with fame.

Plus, their lives are prone to indulgence, which is encouraged by hangers-on.

“Hopefully, these kids in the public eye like Cyrus and Heath Ledger are cautionary tales,” Gilbert said.

Ledger, 29, died of an accidental prescription drug overdose in Jan. 2008.