Kinky spy Anna Chapman has been a celebrity since returning to Red Square in Russia, but a few reminders were left behind to let everyone know she had the assets to be a real femme fatale.

The comely spy became an instant sex symbol after an ex-boyfriend released racy photos of her following her arrest who in the United States along with her bumbling cabal of cohorts.

And, now at least two new nude photos of the comely spy have gone viral on the Internet.

Chapman dropped out of sight for a while, but she’s now making a name for herself in her home country, where she was greeted like a hero on her return in a spy swap.

They spy ring proved to be particularly inept and is not thought to have uncovered any national secrets.

After their arrest, Chapman and her fellow spies were shipped back to Russia in a swap for four Western agents.

She should have opted for political asylum in the United States. Her value as a reality star and sex siren would have been virtually unlimited here.

As it is, the only thing to remind us of her time as a deep mole in the United State are fuzzy photos, which were reportedly leaked by her boyfriend.

Still judging from the pics, Anna was very aware and very proud of her assets.