Ben Sherwood Skewered by ABC Staffers (hilarious video) 1Ben Sherwood, the new president of ABC News isn’t getting a lot of love from current and former ABC News staffers. A hilarious video has gone viral, splaying the new president for hypocrisy, corporate climbing and general incompetence.

The video was posted Monday (Dec. 20) on Vimeo. The poster used the name “Roone Arledge,” who revitalized ABC news and sports operations with ground-breaking innovations. He died in 2002.

The video juxtaposes a speech Sherwood gave to staffers when he started his new job earlier this month, with text on black screens that lampoon him for so-called lies and distortions.

Among some of the claims, the video asserts that Sherwood lied about his mother being sick when he left his post as executive producer of ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Sherwood was supposedly covering up the fact that he was about to be fired.

The video also cllas Sherwood “shallow and cloying,” like a movie he produced, and says that he will “preside over the final dismantling of ABC News.”

Among its other claims: Sherwood is a fountain of negativity, exhibits “bizarre office behavior,” lost one million viewers at “GMA,” and had no strategy while at the show.

Check out the video below: