Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel Set for New Year's Eve Reunion 1Scandal-scarred Tiger Woods may be reuniting with one of his stable of bedmates on New Year’s Eve. Woods and New York party girl Rachel Uchitel are slated to attend to the same party. And guess who is making it all happen?

New York real estate developer and reality TV host Donald Trump, who had a famous falling out with Uchitel over his show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” is the mischief maker. Or is it cupid?

Trump is hosting a New Year’s Eve party at his sprawling Palm Beach estate Mar a Largo. Woods is inivited; Uchitel is crashing it, in a manner of speaking, TMZ has learned.

Uchitel was not invited, but has a “blind date” someone who has been invited, and he is bringing her as his “Plus One.”

The man has only been described as someone who works in the fashion industry. That likely is code for the fact that he is gay.

That means Uchitel will be free to stalk Tiger. Maybe, the two might even hook up again.
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That would be Uchitel’s fondest wish. She claims they are soulmates, even though she held him up for a reported multi-million dollar pay off to maintain her silence about their affair.

Since his divorce from wife Elin Nordegren, Woods is not known to have contacted any of the dozen or so women he allegedly slept with during his marriage, ignited the biggest sex scandal in recent memory.

“She’s absolutely welcome,” Trump told the gossip Web site.

Trump had a well publicized falling out with Uchitel earlier this year after she either turned down his invitation for a guest spot on his show (her story) or he refused to have her on (his story).

As for Woods, it’s unknown whether he will attend. He’s certainly available.

The pro golf season is over for the year, and his ex-wife has taken the kids to Europe for Christmas without him, so he’ll be home alone for the holidays.