HuffPost Calls Bethenny Frankel Skating With Stars Winner... Ah No 2New York Housewife Bethenny Frankel skated her way into the final of “Skating With the Stars” to a chorus of jeers from the audience and lost the competition in a blow out to soap star Rebecca Budig, not that Huffington Post readers would know.

In a classic “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline, the online “newspaper” reported that Frankel won the competition.

But Budig blew away Frankel with a perfect score to take home the Golden Skates as the new reality show’s first official winner.

The snafu adds to the uproar surrounding Frankel’s advance to the finals, recalling the controvery between Bristol Palin and singer Brandy on “Dancing With the Stars.”
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Frankel advanced on the strength of her fan base rather than her skating scores, topping Olympic skier Jonny Moseley, who was clearly more talented on skates.

Similarly, Palin won over a clearly more talented dance competitor on the strength of her mother Sarah Palin’s rabid followers.

Both episodes made the finals between Frankel and Budig and Palin and actress Jennifer Grey anticlimactic.

Still, the HuffPost, as it’s called couldn’t get the story straight, even though it repurposes most of its news from other sites.

In this case, it lifted the story from AOL gossip site, Popeater, which had the right results.

At least Bethenny was gracious in defeat. She said Rebecca deserved to win, and said Budig was good enough to be “a real ice skater.”

Frankel caused some controversy before the show when she claimed to have no skating experience. That prompted her estranged mother to step forward and call her daughter a liar.

Bethenny had lessons as a child and was an accomplished inline skater, the mother said.