Bethenny Frankel Flips at Skating With Stars' Johnny Weir 1New York Housewife Bethenny Frankel’s sweet disposition on camera turned decidedly sour behind the scenes on “Skating With the Stars” leading to a nasty confrontation with ¬†judge Johnny Weir, according to a new report.

Frankel, 40, became a lightning rod on the show in much the same way as Bristol Palin and Kate Gosselin did on sister show “Dancing With the Show.”

All three advanced well beyond their capabilities and overstayed their welcome with many viewers because their fans — or political supporters — mobbed the polls. After a certain point, the contestants advance by popular vote.
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Frankel made it all the way to the final and lost in a blowout to soap star Rebecca Bundig.

Afterward, on camera, Frankel was gracious in defeat. But once the klieg lights were turned off, the New York housewife turned nasty, according to gossip Web site radaronline.

Frankel reportedly cornered Weir, interrupted his conversation with stylist Avo Yermagyan and designer Traver Rains and began haranguing him.

“She came running over with a drink in her hand and started harassing him,” a source told the gossip site.

“She angrily yelled at Johnny that she was a grown woman on ice wearing pigtails and sparkles and that she doesn’t take the whole thing too seriously.”

“It was embarrassing to watch because the skaters are supposed to be respectful and maybe even woo the judges, but that didn’t seem like Bethenny’s agenda,” the witness said.

At one point, Frankel was screaming.

‘She said some nasty things that weren’t funny and then kept screeching louder and louder, over and over again, ‘you can’t take a joke!'” the source said.

Weir, however, outwardly, did not let Frankel rattle him.

“‘While Bethenny’s screaming got even more heated Johnny was composed and gracious, but soon had to be escorted to the judges quarters,” said the source.

Weir was a viewer favorite on the show, but showed disdain for Frankel’s skating, which may have led to the confrontation.

“To me it’s very clear you don’t care what we think and I don’t really care to watch you actually perform anymore cause you weren’t listening to our critiques,’ he told her during her final performance.