Is Angelina Jolie's Dark Side Taking Control, Again? 1Angelina Jolie admits having a dark side in her youth that led to all kinds of unsavory behavior. Is it back? A new report claims that Jolie’s fits of rage have become so extreme partner Brad Pitt is demanding that she seek counseling.

“Brad thinks Angie has a major problem, and he wants her to deal with it before she does something she’ll regret,” a supposed insider told the National Enquirer. “He believes she should get into treatment right away.”

Perhaps no other Hollywood couple has been subject to such destructive rumors quite like Brangelina.
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Only two weeks ago, pop doc Drew Pinsky claimed that their relationship would eventually go “nuclear.”

The reason, he claimed, was Angie’s purported former addiction to heroin and Brad’s inability to deal with relationships.

But Pinsky, an addiction specialist, quickly backtracked under a storm of criticism.

“I do not know Brad or Angelina [and] I certainly don’t want to be saying things that could be perceived as hurtful for them, or harmful for them in any way,” he said, apologizing for the remarks.

The National Enquirer reported in January that Pitt and Jolie were virtually living separate lives.

The relationship reportedly imploded after Angelina attempted suicide and withered to 104 pounds, which led her to physically collapse, according to the magazine.

In March, an ex-bodyguard asserted that Jolie’s erratic behavior, yelling, fits and unreasonable demands are devastating to Brad, the kids and those who are on her staff.

“She screams and yells a lot, then walks away,” the ex-body guard said. Angelina would often “disappear into her suite for hours,” leaving staffers and Brad to deal with her children. “She would punish them with silence,” he says.

In October, Angelina’s ex-dealer, Franklin Meyer told Life & Style that Jolie had a “cocaine and also heroin” habit in her 20s.

Meyer said he met Angelina in February 1997, when she and a male friend came to buy drugs from him at the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan.

At the time, Jolie was 21 and became a regular customer, he says.

Jolie has been open about her dark side and past experimentation with drugs, calling herself a suicidal, depressed 20-something living in New York.

But in the years since then she’s changed her life dramatically, especially after meeting Pitt in 2005.

National Enquirer

She devotes a lot of time to charity, works as a United Nation’s Goodwill ambassador and has assembled a family of six children. Her film success continues unabated.

Three Shiloh, 4, and 2-year-old twins, Vivienne and Knox, are biological with Pitt. They also have three adopted children, Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, and Zahara, 5.

On at least one occasion, they have lashed back at the media.

In July, the Hollywood power couple settled a privacy lawsuit in London’s High Court against Rupert Murdoch-owned British tabloid News of the World, which they sued for reporting that they were planning to split up.

As part of the settlement, the newspaper paid Brangelina an undisclosed sum of money.

The National Enquirer has reported twice that Brad and Angelina had married; reported on 20 separate occasions that they had split, and reported eight different times that Brad had gone back to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Now the paper is at it again.

It reports in its latest issue that Brad is insisting that Angelina get anger management counseling immediately to save their family.

The tabloid says the 35-year-old Oscar winner has reduced the couple’s sensitive daughter Shiloh to tears with her screaming fits and Brad is worried.

If Angie “doesn’t learn to control her outbursts, something awful could happen. He’s concerned for the kids’ and Angie’s well-being,” the paper reported, quoting a source.

The triggering incident reportedly took place in Paris on Nov. 30. After “an overstressed Angelina unloaded on Shiloh,” Brad finally confronted her.

“While they were in New York, Brad sat Angie down and told her point-blank that she needs professional help,” explained the insider.

“He said, ‘No more excuses – get help now!’ He won’t tolerate her lashing out at their kids.”

It’s unlikely Jolie will sue if the report is untrue. In the U.S. libel laws offer far more protection for the news media than UK law, which puts the burden of proof on the newspaper.

The couple would have to prove a U.S. report was published with malicious intent and was knowingly false.