Jim Carrey Hilarious in 'SNL' Black Swan Skit (video) 1Comedian Jim Carrey energized the premiere of Saturday Night Live for 2011 with an over-the-top parody of Black Swan, the intense psycho-drama starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Carrey, king of physical comedy, goes full-throttle.

It helped to be a Carrey fan to fully enjoy the long-running skit comedy show’s debut, but if you are Carrey put on a show. SNL should have this much energy every week.

His opening monologue was a play on all the end-of-times paranoia that has been featured in a number of movies lately.

Carrey’s prescription was to stay positive. “When everyone around you bursts into flames, it’s time for s’mores,” he advised.
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The 48-year-old comic played everything from a tantric-sex guru to an over-sexed failed soul singer, but his Black Swan bit probably was his best.

Adopting some of the mannerisms of a real swan, he hissed, squawked as ballet dancer Lily (played in the movie by Kunis) against
Nasim Pedrad’s halting Nina (Portman).

“Sorry I’m late. I had to go numbers 3 and 4,” he said, announcing his arrival in a black leotard with a stiff black tu-tu.

“Get ready to rock, bitches,” Carrey said, before launching into a gawky, spastic routine.

Carrey is currently starring with Ewan McGregor in “I Love You, Phillip Morris,” a comedy in which Carrey’s character discovers he is gay. He leaves his wife and children and moves to Miami to pursue his new lifestyle, which eventually lands him in prison.

Check out his SNL performance below.