Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Finale Preview Released (watch) 1

Miley Cyrus outgrew her Disney show “Hannah Montana” years ago, and now finally the series is winding to a close. The last episode in the four-year run will air Sunday (Jan. 16), and Disney has just released a preview.

Seems Miley has graduated high school and must decide between going off to college with her best friend or accepting a movie offer. (Well, we know what the real Miley did).

The dilemma causes all kinds of consternation between Miley Stewart, who led a secret life as pop star Hannah Montana, and her bosom buddy Lily, played by Emily Osment.

The show will mainly be one long goodbye. Miley has let her school in on her secret, and now she has the first major decision of her adult life to make. Will it be movie or college?

For Miley (the real one) the end of the show must be bittersweet. It will also mark her passage from the Disney stable of teen stars into the real world of movies and music.

She’s been working toward the transition for at least two years, setting an independent course for the big time by ramping up the sexuality of her music and videos.

Miley has also added some real life drama to the mix, after a video of her smoking a bong filled with god knows what surfaced. It was taken at a party at her house about a week after she turned 18.
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Miley’s birthday, legally making her an adult, was accompanied by a flurry of racy, candid photos in various stages of undress or showing her in provocative girl-on-girl poses.

Once the show airs, Miley will truly be on her own, and won’t have the comfort of falling back into her Hannah Montana day job when the going gets rough.

Cyrus is currently in New Orleans shooting her latest movie, “So Undercover.” She was spotted on the set with co-star Kelly Osbourne.

There have also been rumors she may hook up again with Nick Jonas for a duet.