Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will explode with sexual tension in the upcoming installment of Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part I, and brief glimpse of the action between Bella and Edward has gone viral on the Internet.

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Bella’s pursuit of Edward has gradually worn down the vampire’s resistance to her feminine charms and Breaking Dawn will be the moment the come together for eternity.

Although fans will have to wait until Nov. 18 to see the movie, the plot, by now, is familiar to most. Edward finally abandon’s his resistance for Bella and they get married in Forks, and escape to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for their honeymoon.

The steamy honeymoon scenes were filmed late last year when Bella and Edward consummate their marriage

Bella becomes pregnant with a half-vampire half-human daughter who feeds off Bella’s blood in the womb, weakening Bella to the point that she is near death. Until Edward steps in, that is, and saves her by making her a vampire.

Their love scene is expected to be one of the tenderest and one of the more violent scenes of the movie. But Director Bill Condon assures that the movie’s PG-13 rating will be preserved.