Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart finally started dissecting coverage of the Arizona shooting following five-days of relative silence on media coverage that he found excessive, as usual, on Fox News.

“I can give you a compilation of the day’s news excesses, but it doesn’t seem appropriate,” Stewart said on “The Daily Show” on Monday.

But Wednesday night’s memorial service led by President Barack Obama produced more than a fair share of commentary for Stewart to feast on.

Last night (Jan. 13) he zeroed in on criticism generated by the President’s speech. The president played the role of mourner in chief, consoler in chief and inspirer in chief, Stewart said.

Obama urged pols, pundits and purveyors of of the news cycle to avoid engaging in “politics, point-scoring and pettiness” in the wake of the tragedy.

Stewart noted that conservative commentators roundly praised the president for all of two or three minutes before lapsing into politics, point scoring and pettiness.

They didn’t directly attack the president, but criticized everything from the seating arrangement, to the inclusion of an Native American to the audience’s cheering after Obama’s speech points.

Check out his analysis of coverage below:

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