Kristen Stewart lands on the cover of Vogue magazine with a new look and some revealing insights into her thoughts about acting, although it seems Robert Pattinson, was not on the agenda.

Kristen appears in the cover shoot and other photos with blonde highlighted hair. Was that the magazine’s idea or hers?

More than likely she was still shooting “On the Road” the movie about ’50s Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac, based on his book by the same name.

Kristen’s character in the movie, Marylou Moriarty, is a blonde.

She definitely looks decidedly different — older and more glamorous — without her dark locks. It will be interesting to see if she shows up with the same hair color at the Golden Globes this weekend.

Stewart, who shot to international stardom in the “Twilight” series, hasn’t fared quite so well in her other movie outings.

Check out Kristen’s photos; click to enlarge.

Although her roles in “Welcome to the Rileys” with James Gandolfini and the Joan Jett biopic “The Runaways,” with Dakota Fanning were challenging, both films are considered flops.

But Kristen says she’s willing to take chances.

“I choose things that are so overly ambitious, and if I can’t do stuff like that, I don’t want to be doing this,” she tells Vogue.
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When she finds a good part, “a compulsion absolutely fills you,” she says.

Oddly, acting did not come naturally to her.

”I don’t think I would ever have been able to be an actress had I not started at nine years old. I would have been the last person to stand up and say, ‘I’d like to star in the play,”’ she says.

Kristen is equally uncomfortable with fame.

“There’s no way to eloquently put this,” she says. “I just can’t go to the mall. It bothers me that I can’t be outside very often. And also to not ever be ’some girl’ again. Just being some chick at some place; that’s gone.”

Stewart just wrapped up shooting “On the Road,” with Garrett Hedlund , who had nothing but praise for her hard work.

“[She is] incredible, and in this, everyone is going to get to see how hard of a worker she is, man. I mean, the devotion that she puts into her work, and her performance is going to be exposed highly in this,” Garrett told MTV.

As for the latest in the Twilight series, “Breaking Dawn,” Kristen says Director Bill Condon is taking the series to a whole new level.

“[It was] like going back to school… Twilight is a different beast,” she says.

Condon returns the favor: “Kristen was the top of my list of reasons to do this movie,” he says.

Kristen also has a special shout out for fans: “I just want the fans of the book to be happy,” she said about Bella, her character. “I don’t necessarily care about anyone else.”

Check out what Garrett had to say on MTVNews:

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