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Shocking New Jared Loughner Claim: He's Faking, Ex Says (video)

Arizona assassin Jared Loughner, who gunned down Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others in a hail of bullets, may not be a crazed paranoid schizophrenic that many assume. Ex-girlfriend Ashley Figueroa knows a different Loughner.

Figueroa says the last time she saw Arizona assassin was three or four months ago, and she does not think he is mentally ill.

“I think he’s faking everything. I think the outburst that he had in class — I think he’s planned everything. I think that he has been planning this for some time,” said the Tucson native.

Figueroa, who dated Loughner in high school, says he was basically a loner, with a grudge against the government and problems controlling his anger. But otherwise, he was a stable individual.

“He used to scare me sometimes and that’s kind of the reason why I left him,” Figueroa told reporters in Tuscon, where the shooting occurred Sunday (Jan. 9).

“He’d get really mad and he would clench his fists really tight and kind of almost like have a little tantrum. He’d kind of like flail his arms and walk off.”

In other developments, police yesterday (Jan. 13) located the black bag Loughner was seen with the morning of the shooting. It contained ammunition.

Meanwhile Christina Green, 9, the youngest victim of the tragedy, was laid to rest Thursday, while Giffords continued to show more signs of improvement.

The Congresswoman can reportedly keep her eyes open for 15 minutes at a time. She was able to move both legs and arms and was able to respond to friends and family.

Check out the a news report on Figueroa from the local KABC affiliate in Tucson.

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