Kristen Stewart’s Vogue photo shoot is raising some eyebrows over what appears to be heavy photoshopping of her face. In other photos, the Twilight hottie appears to have bad skin. What gives?

It’s hard to rejoice when said pictures barely resemble the 20-year-old actress,” The New York Daily News reported.

The photos in question have been published on the fashion bible’s Web site as an extra feature. Kristen is featured in both black and white and color photos, as well as a video that goes behind the scenes.

In the “Exclusive Vogue Outtake,” Stewart’s chin, eyes and nose have distinctly different shapes than usual, according to the News.

Check out Kristen’s photos; click to enlarge.

Kristen reportedly has a softer and rounder jaw line, wider eyes and a perky nose compared with other photos of the Twilight star.

As one fashion blog pointed out, the Photoshopping seems to have made her a Kim Raver look-alike.

“Whlie Stewart looks beautiful on the glossy cover, its the Mario Testino photo shoot outtakes that are totally weirding us out,” according to the site, Stylelite.

Heavy airbrushing appears to be an all-too-common problem in the magazine industry and a number of celebrities have had their images or even body shape altered to improve their looks.

Critics charge that the photos create an unrealistic body image that makes normal women feel inferior.

But in Stewart’s case, the alleged photoshopping is not flattering.

Vogue also released a pretty cool video of Kristen. Check it out below.