Cameron Diaz on Lopez: Snoop Dogg Sold Me Pot in HS (video) 1While Cameron Diaz was dutifully attending her acting class at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, a lanky uperclassman Calvin Broadus, was gang banging in the hallways and keep the local white kids supplied.

Diaz went on to graduate and sign with a top modeling agency. Broadus also graduated and landed a six-month stretch in the Wayside County jail for cocaine trafficking.

But what a small world it is. Diaz recalled on “Lopez Tonight” that Broadus, who is now best known as Snoop Dogg, was very likely her pot connection at the school.

“He was very tall and skinny, wore lots of ponytails in his hair, and I’m pretty sure I bought weed from him. I had to have,” said Diaz, 38, who eventually moved on to the A-List in Hollywood with such films as “The Mask,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “There’s Something About Mary.”

Snoop, however, hasn’t done so bad for himself either. His debut album, Over the Counter, was released in 1991 and his second 1993’s Doggystyle went quadruple platinum. The rest as they say is history.

He’s a multi-media star in his own right. Talk about six degrees of separation.

Diaz, said Long Beach school “was pretty rough,” and according to Snoop, rife with gangs. He was a member of the Crips.

“I used to get into fights with boys more than girls,” the actress said.

“So you were green even when you were in high school,” Lopez replied.

The comedian was referring to Diaz’s latest role in the “Green Hornet” with Seth Rogen.

“Absolutely,” Diaz, said. “You asked me when I got into the whole green thing…”

Polytechnic, incidentally, is a top high school. It’s music program has won six Grammy Awards, and more students have ended up playing football in the NFL than any other high school in the country.

Go Poly! And, don’t Bogart that joint.