Russian spy Anna Chapman may have been banned for life from the United States, and a potentially lucrative career in television and movies, but she’s cashing in just the same back in Mother Russia with a new TV show.

The red-headed Russian spy, who was famously expelled from the United States last summer after her sleeper espionage ring was busted in New Jersey, is starring in “Mysteries of the World With Anna Chapman.”

But a trailer of the first edition of suggests the CIA’s secrets are safe, at least for the moment. Chapman will be reporting on a baby with skin marks said to resemble Koranic verses, according to the BBC.

Chapman has been treated like a celebrity since her return to Russia and has been featured in sexy poses in men’s magazines. Nude photos have also been leaked on the Internet.

She posed most famously as a “femme fatale” a la James Bond, in the Russian edition of men’s magazine Maxim, even though her spy ring never uncovered any U.S. state secrets.

In the trailer, Chapman questions why the “miracle child” is being hidden “from everyone by his parents”, who may stand to lose out, and why is an “oligarch” building a house for him.

“I nearly understand what’s going on,” says Chapman, who wears a tight sweater and a white Islamic headscarf over her famous red hair.

Thousands of Muslim pilgrims have traveled to see “miracle baby,” on whose skin verses from the Koran seemed to appear and disappear every few days, according to the BBC.