Kim Kardashian and clanKim Kardashian is sick and tired of people saying she has no talent and is famous for no reason. Kim says promoting a healthy body image is part of her brand, and it takes talent to market herself as well as she does.

The curvy 5’2″ Kardashian says neither her nor Kourtney or Khloe are “stick-skinny,” and says she’s proud to represent a different body type than the rail-thin ones typically seen in fashion magazines.

“We’re not trying to fit in the same mold,” Kim said Jan. 27 on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. “We know that we feel our best when we look our best.”
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Kim, 30, also slammed speculation that she has breast implants. “[My boobs] are real,” she insists. “They are completely, 100% real.”

However, Kardashian admits she has tried Botox and uses body shapers, masking tape, and other under-clothing body smoothers to look good on the red carpet.

“If you know your body type, then you can dress to feel [good],” says Kim. “Its like, ‘Fake it until you make it’ is what we always say.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney, 31, who recently lost 45 pounds after giving birth to son Mason in December 2009, is a size zero, but points out that she’s only 5 feet tall.

Kourtney, who once teased Kim for having “big, ugly breasts” as a child, admits she got breast augmentation as a teen.

“These babies are not real,” Kourtney laughed. “I used to make fun of [Kim] when we were little and then I went and got surgery.”

Kim also addressed her 2007 sex tape and criticism that she and her sisters are famous for doing nothing.

“There’s embarrassment and shame and so much that comes along with it. I think that I was so lucky to find a boyfriend at that time in [Reggie Bush]. [It] was something he really helped me through, and he picked me up when I couldn’t pick myself up.”

On Critics Who Say She Has No Talent:

“They might just see us in magazines or see our pictures on blogs or something, and think we’re just spoiled kids that don’t do anything and just run around Hollywood going to parties.

“I would absolutely say that marketing is a skill and I think fashion as well… I think we are smart enough to know that having a successful reality show is just a platform for people to get to know us on a personal level,” she said.

Samantha Chang is the executive editor of TheImproper and a celebrity writer at Examiner.