Jesse Eisenberg Meets Mark Zuckerberg on SNL (watch!) 1Jesse Eisenberg met Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg face-to-face during his opening monologue on “Saturday Night Live” while Andy Samberg was on stage in character as Zuckerberg, whom he often portrays on the show. Talk about geek frisson!

Eisenberg hosted the comedy skit show last night (Jan. 29) and brought up his role in the hit film “The Social Network,” which is about the founding and early days of Facebook.

The film has been nominated for eight Oscars, including best picture, actor, director, adapted screenplay, cinematography, film editing, soundtrack and sound mixing. The 83rd annual awards ceremony airs Sunday, Feb. 27.

Zuckerberg refused to cooperate with the filming and producers insist that the movie is a fictionalized account of Facebook’s development. But it uses the real names of those who were instrumental in the social Web sites development.

The movie portrayed Zuckerberg as conniving and deceptive and suggested he may have stolen the idea from two Harvard classmates. Part of the movie focuses on the lawsuits generated by Facebook’s success.

Zuckerberg’s appearance began off-camera with SNL producer Lorne Michaels, demanding to go on stage, calling Eisenberg his “evil twin.”

Michaels counseled against the move, but moments later Zuckerberg appears standing next to Eisenberg and Samberg.

The meeting is awkward and when Eisenberg asked him how he liked the film, the best Zuckerberg could offer was “interesting.”

Check out the hilarious clip below: